U-Pass Program Update

Regional U-Pass transit partners have worked with participating U-Pass Students’ Associations and due to the majority of classes being offered online, Spring/Summer 2021 U-Passes will not be issued; however, the following discounted transit fare options have been approved to provide students with financial support when using transit services:

A free Leduc Transit pass to eligible post-secondary studentsLeduc Transit is offering a free transit pass to eligible post-secondary students attending in-class sessions in Edmonton this spring/summer. The pass must be picked up at the Leduc Civic Centre between April 20 and May 20, and will valid on Leduc Transit and ETS Route 747 until Aug. 31. Eligibility requirements apply.

Temporary expansion of the age eligibility for the Youth Fare on Edmonton Transit Services
All students attending a post-secondary school that is part of the U-Pass program will be able to purchase a youth monthly pass for $72.50. Students who occasionally use transit may purchase a book 10 youth tickets for $19.

Eligibility to the low income Ride Transit Program temporarily expanded through Edmonton Transit Services
The Ride Transit Program has two tiers and is based on an individual’s personal income, which can be proven through a Notice of Assessment, Employment Insurance (EI) or CERB documents. Students will need to apply through the Leisure Access Program.

If a student is 18 years old or older and earns less than $29,069, they may qualify for a $34/month pass. If a student is 18 years old or older and earns between $29,070 and $33,033, they may qualify for a $48.50/month pass.

Discounts for students who are seniors
Students who are seniors are eligible for free or discounted monthly passes from Edmonton Transit Services and most municipal transit partners.